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I never completed the loop on this conversation. I did call the County Forestry Agent. He was pleasant and somewhat helpful but I could tell his focus is more on large parcels suitable for logging. Interestingly he called my property up on Google Earth and could tell the woods was mostly White Pines and White Cedar and that there were generally wet conditions in much of it. He said he could come take a look but first I needed to think through what my objectives were. Improving the woods is too general. The answer differs if improving for aesthetics, improving for wildlife or improving for future logging or some other use.

I went out this afternoon doing some exploration being I hadn’t been out there for quite a while. Once out there I decided to look for the pins defining the boundaries. Regretfully I didn’t being a map nor did I first review it on Google Earth so as to have some clues as to where the boundaries might be. I should have 4 pins marking the back boundary being there is a small 100’X224′ corner cut out from what would otherwise be a perfect rectangle. I did stumble upon two pins that likely are associated with my boundaries and then failed to find a 3rd which I had found a couple years ago. Next time I will take my map with me and a Google Earth printout.

I did come across a truly ancient tree that had once grown in the open as indicated by it’s spreading branches. Not sure if it is on my property or not, though I think it might be. I am going to have to go back with my tree identification book. I did take a leave off of a small tree growing at its base but could not conclusively identify it either from the tree book I have or an internet search, in part because the closest fit isn’t really an option, that being an American Chestnut. I’ll bring a tape measure the next time I go out there but the trunk has to be a good 4′ wide. There are/were enormous limbs reaching out, some of which have snapped off. I can’t guess as to the height but it is very tall. The tree is more dead than alive but it is still alive.