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Your question gets to the root of my comment, because all vehicles usually have 2 options. Although in the US diesel passenger cars are not common they do exist. It’s quite common on the other hand for pickup trucks to be diesel powered. Trucks up to 26,000 lbs can be either. These are your basic straight truck. Most trucks over 26,000 use diesels.

All most all motorcycles designed for the street are 4 stroke gasoline engines, however there are a few antique (70s vintage) 2 strokes. Dirt bikes can be either 2 stroke and 4 stroke, both are made today. In the ATV world there are both gas and diesel models.

Small power boats with outboard motors could be either 2 or 4 stroke. Newer motors are predominantly 4 stroke. Boats with inboard engines can be either gasoline or diesel.

If gasoline is run through diesel engines they can explode create fires and cause serious injury.