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Good topic. Even those of us who have no plans to bug out on account we have nowhere to go and/or other impediments to bugging out could find ourselves far from home when the SHTF.

74, could you elaborate on which alternative vehicles use which fuel? As an aside, my method of never getting things mixed up is equipment that uses a gas-oil mix is kept on one side of the garage along with those gas containers and all of the regular gas equipment is kept on the other side of the garage with their gas containers. There cannot be any accidental mix ups that way.

On the matter of bicycles, if you are going to have a bicycle for these purposes I recommend you consider one of those newer old fashioned bikes that have fatter tires and no gears/shifting or disc or hydraulic brakes. At issue is maintenance. Bent derailleurs cannot be fixed. Trust me I know. Disc & hydraulic brakes wear out and whereas brake pads are somewhat easy to replace (if you happen to have replacements and the tools to do the replacement) you can find yourself with an unusable bike if other brake components break while you are out on the road. Fatter tires require more effort pedaling on paved roads but your bug out journey will have far more options if you are not restricted to paved roads. Simple is better in this regard. Also, you absolutely get what you pay for when it comes to bikes. What is being sold in the discount stores is of decidedly less quality/durability than what you get at a bike shop, even if ostensibly the same brand. A good bike shop will also help make sure that the bike you are buying fits you and your body geometry. Any bike can feel OK doing a test spin around the parking lot. A bike with a proper fit will feel good if riding hours and hours, but you’ll know soon enough if the bike doesn’t have a proper fit.