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I agree with GS that I can’t think of any place else in the world where I think I’d be better off. Culturally I’d be very comfortable living in the Canadian Maritimes but at a minimum I’d have to give up my 2nd Amendment rights to do so. Many mistakes have been made politically, economically, and socially over the past few decades and I agree we’re past the point of putting the genie back in the bottle but I have been able to do pretty much anything I have wanted to do my entire adult life….where to go to school & what to study, where to live & work, where and how to vacation or do travel of any kind, how to spend or save my money, how to raise my kids, to vote, run for office myself, and express myself freely at Town Meeting, to join organizations of my choosing, read what I choose to read, and so forth. In the places I’ve lived for the past 40 years crime has been low to non-existent and I’ve never felt unsafe. Has govt. gotten overbearing and screwed up everything it’s touched? Is govt. working in the interests of the elite rather than the general populous? Yes and yes, but we are hardly living in Nazi Germany as I hear many say. Will we reach the point that all those freedoms I noted start to get taken away? Maybe, but those we elect going forward will be the ones who take those actions, and so it does matter who we elect.