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“OK, so GS and LT which one of all the Republican party is not ruthless? I only see one telling the truth and the rest not liking it.”

Ruthless has little to do with my choices. I’d expect any prez to push whatever plan he/she came up with as hard as possible. But as for only Trump “telling the truth,” I don’t buy it. Many of them have been telling the truth about various ruinous policies of the Zero admin., but Trump has concentrated on the lack of border security, the executive amnesty. Score those points for Trump, although his plans (unless he intends to rule solo, like Zero) will have to get through the CONgress (and maybe, the Extreme Court.).

He also charges that Mexico and China have been ripping us off by manufacturing all the stuff we buy. I may not like it, but those who debauched our currency, keeping American wage rates so far above the world rates, passed excessive (and nonsensical) environmental laws, and tax-subsidized the out-migration of American industries, for fun and profit, had a lot more to do with causing our economic problems than those beneficiary nations did by accepting what the Tricky Dick-thru-Zero admins. gave them, for campaign cash and favors. Trump’s plan to put tariffs on the goods we buy won’t resurrect industries (from which all the workers have long since retired, or retrained as barristas), it’ll just raise prices for those items. How much help will that be?

“Carson is a good man but he has not run a large business. Trump knows how to run a business and reduce cost.”

Both true, as far as they go. Carson’s experience is in running a neurosurgical division of a great hospital, a lot more like a governmental agency than a hotel- and resort- developing business. As desirable as it is for government to be run efficiently and at as low cost as consistent with its mission as possible, it isn’t a for-profit business … and shouldn’t be.

“LT so out of all none have any idea of how they could fix our governmental economic problems but Trump would fire all that do not do there jobs.”

Not quite what I said, but I believe they each think they can fix some of the problems — I’ll even give Lindsey Gramnesty that much. My opinion, if it matters, is that none of them, the great Donald included, would be able to do more than straighten out the fringes on the massive dirty canvas tablecloth that is the USA, under the crushing weight of the Federal Reserve System. The only candidate whose résumé even suggests a flirtation with taking on that monster, is Rand Paul, who isn’t talking about it any more. As for firing “all that do not do there jobs,” his lawful authority would only extend to his appointees, unless he proposes to singlehandedly dispense with civil service laws.

I don’t disparage Trump. I’ve written, earlier in this forum, that I enjoy seeing the contrast between his flamboyance, and their 50,000 shades of gray. But I reserve judgement, since I think his unreported negatives with republicans, may out weigh his well-reported positives with the 35%. I wouldn’t want to help elect Hitlary.

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