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GS, I too enjoy seeing Trump take his verbal whacks at the excesses of the present fedgov, letting the chips fall where they may, not fudging it to appease different voting blocs. The professional pols, dependent as they are on OPM, play the weasel-word game, while Trump just says what he thinks. The contrast reveals them for the chameleons they are.

But like you, in all his bombast, I haven’t heard much that would make me think he could fix our governmentally caused economic problems. Re-instituting tariffs won’t cut it. (Indeed, I doubt that any President could, continuing under the yoke of the Federal Reserve Scam, a “remote-controlled” CONgress, and a leftist Extreme Court.)

I believe that America has long been set up to crash and burn, and that not enough citizens can be made to understand, in the time left, to tolerate the strong moves it would take to save it. At this early point, I’ll support the most morally decent candidate I’ve seen so far (despite his middling poll numbers), Dr. Benjamin Carson, though this may change.

Cry, "Treason!"