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A former talk radio host by the name of Ken Hamblin (who I dearly miss), once wrote a book, “Pick a Better Country.” I can’t get that title out of my mind, simply because I can’t find one (a better country). Now be certain that you understand I’m not holding the U.S. out as a great beacon of freedom and light. Those days are long gone, and I don’t believe the electorate is smart enough or educated enough to ever recover what we’ve lost. The minority of us, in my opinion, are just plain stupid if we expect to mount a successful rebellion and takeover – the support of many would simply not be there, and we would lose (badly). But still, as flawed as this country is, I can still cross the street or even move between states without showing my “papers.” And I can still own the means to protect myself (for the time being, anyway). In few other places could I do both of those, and in so many places I could do neither.

So for me, it is really a matter of choosing the place that has not as badly deteriorated as all the rest, and I can’t find anything better than the U.S. (and that’s not saying much at all). Like the few middle Americans that didn’t vote for the man, but who Obama loudly derided, I’ll cling to my guns and my religion as long as I am able to, and then I’ll die (thank you Patrick Henry).