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One thing I simply cannot get past with Trump is his record against individual citizens’ private property rights vs. eminent domain takings. One can only wonder how many of his hotels and casinos and other properties that created his billion$, were just as ruthless as the New London, Connecticut case many of us are all too painfully aware of. It could happen to any of us at any time. While I haven’t seen a direct quote, I did read a story recently in which it was alleged that Trump wholeheartedly agreed with the Supreme Court ruling in this case. That tells me something about the REST of the story with The Donald.


Still, there’s a part of me that is enjoying seeing the big bully taking on the entire Republican Party. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of people. At least the Democrats don’t claim to be moral, religious folks as part of their fundamental political beliefs, and thus the hypocrisy isn’t as pronounced with the Democrats. They’re just despicable as they are. But the Republicans hold themselves out as a higher, more moral, viable alternative to the Democrats, and people are still buying it after all these years. It’s about time someone came along that had the money, voice, and demeanor to scare the sierra out of ‘em. Now THAT part of Trump’s presence is satisfying! Sadly, I don’t see any other viable alternative waiting in the wings, nor is the electorate informed enough to recognize any viable alternative. Heck, few of them even turn out, not counting the illegals not required to prove citizenship.

I hadn’t planned to bother watching the Fox News “debate” Thursday night. I might watch it for the comedy value, and to see Trump beat up on many of them in ways they just aren’t used to from the past. At least Trump isn’t following the “rules” of the political “game.” And obviously, there’s a large chunk of the voters that are at least loving that aspect of his candidacy.