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IMHO there is no such thing as “coin rich but asset poor”. Nor is there such a thing as “coin poor and asset poor”.

Let me explain – if you have coin of the real;m you can convert it into something else. Most folks do that reguarly by buying gas for the car or groceries for the table. If you have some money left over after meeting the necessities, start buying small amounts of “trade goods” and barter currency (gold and silver are good but there are many other possibilities). If you don’t have enough ready cash for a purchase, start putting what you do have aside until you have enough to make the purchase.

Among other things this should get you used to planning and carrying out plans. It might also get you thinking about what will be valuable when money is no longer what everybody covets. I think Selco has mentioned cigarette lighters and alcohol, as well as foodstuffs, as barter medium. I stock some MREs – not because I want to eat them **spit! hack! ** but because I’m pretty sure somebody else will want to trade what I want for one when things get bad enough.

One thing I find most folks need is experience in how to barter and how to “haggle” over prices. Go to a swap meet and watch. Then go back with something to get in mind and something to use to swap for it. Just remember that you may have to do two or three swaps to get what you want.