Your last comment fits us all I dare say.

Some are here, some in Australia, some Britain, some Canada, the diaspora happened. A general consensus is that you can’t go back. The world is a different place.

And most are middle aged or worse.
The Rhodies are in their 50’s or above, the Saffers their mid-40s.
They fought a battle they weren’t allowed to win, fairly certain they don’t want to do it again.

The US gets that bad, we can learn from their successes and mistakes.
But frankly, if it gets that bad here, one can only imagine what other places will be like. Rivers running like blood comes to mind.

The Saffers couldn’t win, not after the fall of Rhodesia.
Outnumbered, hands tied politically, forced to give in to “one man, one vote”.
There is no way they could survive as such.

Ourselves, the commies have infiltrated all levels of .gov.
The minute we stopped fighting them, we lost.
And that was before I was born.
Our options are few, if any.
But until we make a collective stand, it is a lost cause,