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Whirl: Ask them if they want to come to the US and fight commies one more time. From what I’m learning about the bush war(that I NEVER heard about in the United States) they beat the snot out of them with one hand tied behind their back(sanctions). The communists had to take over politically. Apartheid notwithstanding, how is the spread of communism in anyone’s best interest? Surely the west knew what was going on.

One reason I bring up this prophecy is because I would really like to know what/where the closest thing to a “safe haven” would be worldwide(and if any South Africans take him seriously after all these years). Perhaps there isn’t one since the idea is to globalize the new system. If the United States becomes a conflict zone of literally biblical proportions in all honesty the chances of my family as is making it through without divine intervention are slim to none.