Restoring our lives.
Depending on your viewpoint and meaning, that’s what we all want and work towards.
Those who survive wars/tragedy only want to restore their lives, as much as they can. To rebuild, to repair.
That does not have to mean repeating mistakes.

Change happens, like it or not.
The halcyon days post WWII are naught but a fantasy to many. ‘Leave it to Beaver’ has been replaced by Kardashians.

The “can we” question once asked should have been coupled with “should we”.

Survival post-SHTF is multi layered, between the minute to minute, the daily and the long term.
Without some vision of a future, of something better, of some sort of restoration of normalcy, what is the point of survival? It’s only ‘not dying’ without some future, something better.

What am I doing now?
Loading ammo, rebuilding the gun collection, building the food storage, trying to redesign the water storage system, minor and major improvements to the house and vehicles. Planning this years hunts, trying to find time to get some firewood cut, and more.

Planning on a future. Regardless of what happens.