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Northeast OH. Many years ago of my brothers moved to one of Cleveland’s suburbs on the Northeast side and my sister moved to a suburb on the West side of Cleveland. The difference in snowfall amounts was astounding. It is the northeast side of Cleveland that gets pounded with snow,

ladyt, don’t forget about your feet and hands. A good quality parka is a great start but you also need boots and gloves rated for extreme cold. My experience is that if you take care of your feet, hands, and head you are most of the way there. Most people go from heated homes to heated cars to heated buildings and only experience the cold for relatively brief periods. The clothes they wear look the part but typically are not really designed for prolonged exposure to the cold. Fashion over function which will bite them in a winter SHTF scenario.

For gloves, my suggestion is that you consider lobster claw style gloves. They are halfway between regular gloves and mittens. Two fingers each in the “claws” and the thumb stays by itself for dexterity. Much warmer than regular gloves and you maintain much of the dexterity that would otherwise be lost with heavy weight mittens.