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When Zero ran the first time, in addition to the usual doctrinaire leftists, and those who always vote for a living, he got a lot of “white guilt” votes, and from some who expected that a black man in the office would end the charge that this is a racist nation. Many of the latter two groups learned their lesson, enough so that had the R’s not run a clueless rich boy, the nominal “party in power” might’ve changed.

By now, even many of those who had a lot of Hope don’t care much for the Change. If the R’s don’t nominate some Hitlary Lite candidate — again — they’ll probably take the White House, but I’m not sure most of them want it. A) Their long suit is complaining as disenfranchised minority. B) the “Chamber of Crony Capitalism” wants the nation so completely awash in tax-subsidized, paid-under-the-table illegal aliens, that if the entire Caucasian population left, or died, they’d never even wonder what happened to them. Most of the R candidates are toning down whatever “conservatism” they may have, in hopes that they can sneak past the presstitutes. Trump, while his commitment to a completely constitutional government is still in question, is at least not afraid to say what’s on his mind, and dare the presstitute left to make something of it.

Cry, "Treason!"