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Arra, hello. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am sure it is like a dream to write down the story of what your family went through. You live in a beautiful country. It was so sad to see the pictures of the damages done to it – and know so many lost their lives. Thank God you all had a taller building to go to that was strong to protect your family. We have a saying here, ‘What does not kill you, makes you stronger.’ You and your family will now always be better prepared and know what to expect from now on.

Although I lived in a place that had hurricanes every year, many people were not prepared even with a flashlight or water. Every year in hurricane season, people would be found at the last minute rushing the stores to buy wood to cover windows and buy supplies. Every year was a repeat. Some years the hurricanes that came were worse than others, so people thought ‘Oh last year it was not bad, I’ll go to watch it at the beach’, like it would be a party. They died or were injured. We did not have the big tidal surges with these, that make your typhoons so dangerous. I never saw dead bodies. But lots of injured people and houses/things destroyed. Spread every which way over the landscape with broken trees. The wind does scream like that and is very spooky. Thankfully our little home always made it except for some outside damages – but power would be out for a week or more most times.

I hope your house is soon fixed, you can gather your family together there when it is, and celebrate your good fortune of God’s grace. You and your family were very smart and brave. May things be easier for you all now.