Thats how our country does business , stick your head up your a$$ and go in with no plan , long term or short . Taking land is easy , its staying there that falls apart . When your dealing with a foreign people , foreign culture , and mindset . Even with the best of intentions , you are still an outsider , and if you stay there too long , you start to look like an invader . I have a buddy that was in Vietnam , he had the same frustrations about those people during that war . People with very different politics or religion will not think the same way we do , why we continue to expect that from them is beyond my comprehension , Communists and Islam are the worst case . We just need to get out of the world policeman business , we are not very good at it . The REAL enemy of America is right here at home . Just Sayin
” If tyranny is to come to this land , it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy “