Very very old movie – Jock of the Bushveld – based on a true story in 1880’s. FitzPatrick’s adventures during this time of his life, when he was pioneering in the Bushveld, are vividly described in his book Jock of the Bushveld, which is generally accepted as a South African classic. Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agVBwkL7FVE

In the early 1900’s he used to recount the adventures of his dog Jock (a Staffordshire Bullterrier cross), in the form of bedtime stories to his four children, Nugent, Alan, Oliver, and Cecily, to whom the book was dedicated. The book, which appeared in 1907 for the first time, was an immediate and overwhelming success, being reprinted four times in that year.

FitzPatrick’s first wagon journey to Lourenço Marques (now Maputo) started on 8 May 1885. He was the least experienced of a party of transport riders, arranged by Hugh Lanion Hall, to transport supplies purchased at the Port. One of this group was Ted Sievewright, the owner of Jess, Jock’s mother.

The Samarhole spruit or Ship Mountain Camp is a focal point of some of the major events in story of Jock. It was here that the group he was travelling with nearly lost their wagons and equipment in a self-inflicted veld fire. It was also here that Jess had her litter. She gave birth at the Samarhole campsite, under a big tree standing near the edge of the spruit.
Her timing had been bad, as it happened to be on the same day that the party had decided to resume their journey to Lourenço Marques. While the wagons were being inspanned, Jess aggressively prevented any approach towards the party’s rifles resting against the trunk of the tree. It was soon discovered why Jess had been acting in such a peculiar manner. In the soft long grass beneath the tree, the cry of a puppy could be heard. Ted was sent for to entice Jess onto his wagon.

She and her six puppies were given a special nest near the tailboard of Ted’s wagon. Of the six, 5 resembled their father, an imported dog, with only one looking like Jess. FitzPatrick was to take an interest in the runt because the other five had been booked by Ted’s friends. In Jock of the Bushveld, FitzPatrick tells the story of how this runt would eventually become the champion of the litter, Jock.