I think a thread on pre-staged withdrawal routes, set firing positions and decoys would be helpful. I’m sure you would have many things to bring to the discussion. Would you start the thread?

I can do that.

That there may be some civilization left for a period of time may well be true, and that will only assist others to keep from finally realizing what we, here, have already acknowledged. – GS

When the philosopher Ausonius was told that Rome was in the process of collapse, he replied “Of course it is! But there is still time to live well.”

We’ll be carried forward through sheer momentum for a time, but for how long? I got nothing… could be a few days, could be weeks or months, could be longer. But the party’s over, pretty much… No offense meant to your friend who passed – the heart analogy is a good one – but I refer to us privately as a Zombie country… just shambling along. The old girl had a good run, but sooner or later…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1