I was only present at two deaths, neither very violent. Selco’s tutorial is an important aspect of survival. Do you want to live? At what cost? What about the lives of those you love? What are you willing to pay, to save theirs?

It will be hard to stay calm in the face of violence and death. I remember being with my father as he died from a heart attack in a remote area. Yes, I cried a lot after trying to revive him (he came back a few moments, then left forever.)

I also remember helping neighbors carry their injured son out to the road–he had felled a tree which hit him and crushed his chest. They never called an ambulance because they didn’t believe he was badly hurt (I thought it was on the way at the time). He was unconscious. I sat with him, covered him with a warm blanket and heard him gasp his last. They got angry when I said I thought he was dead. “It was just a little tree…”

How will I react when death is imminent? and violence everywhere? God help me to keep a cool head and be able to defend myself and my disabled husband. Until the time comes when I am overwhelmed. As my husband says, take an honor guard with us. Time will tell…