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I tend to agree with Whirlibird – they most likely do have intel that isn’t being discussed (rightfully so). But at the same time, what’s a “command center?” How is that different than FBI field offices with their corresponding equipment yards and sheds, etc.? It would seem they already have FBI sites all over the country, agents stashed all over the country, and equipment stashed all over the country. Then what’s been wrong with their prior planning that hasn’t included the ability to coordinate between those locations and personnel in the event of an attack? My gosh! We have instant, real-time, multiple-location communication capability now, and in their case it at least should be entirely secure. What is it that they need this weekend that shouldn’t have already been in place before – or is this just a way of putting even more right in front of our noses, in a way that they hope will get a welcome from the sheep?