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Since 1800, approximately 189 American Christian pastors have predicted the end of the world and selected phenomenon and/or events as a forewarning.

Predicted events and outcomes didn’t happen.

We’re still here!

No worries! It’s OK! Be Happy today…another day breathing on the planet!

Do you ever wonder if the foretelling of Jesus’ return set us up for global social failure …. sort of the first global socialist “entitlement” promise ……the “I’ll be back to save you” promise?

Should we be active in slaying the wolves & dragons (political, economic, social, etc.) of our time to make the world a safer & better place? Or should we be passive because we know no matter how bad we screw up societies and this planet, Jesus will bail our assess out of the mess?

Was this misinterpreted for the believers? Did Jesus really say, “Your Momma isn’t going to clean this place up, so you have to clean up, and keep it clean and running smooth? I’ll be back later to check on your progress. Don’t screw this up and if you do, fix it before I get back!”

Did you think when you washed up this morning and looked in the mirror, you were looking at the only person responsible for yourself and the person expected to be a positive contributor to our society?

Enjoy another day on the planet with hopefully many more to come!