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What a great bunch of welcomes. Thanks, guys (and ladies, as the case may be?). I’m already feeling like this is “home.” And to my two much longer-term friends, it’s great to be back together with two very good folks. I still squirm when I think just how close we all were to getting together at the same time in the same place recently. If only…. Just know that had we all known when/where the others would be, it would have been marvelous to sit down together with our wives and make that kind of contact. Regardless, thanks not only to you two, but to the rest of you for being who you are, standing for what you do, and most of all, for your willingness to share with others for their benefit. Coming from a Christian perspective, that is what I see as the human ideal.

Oh – and Malgus, no I am NOT in the Atlanta metro area, thankfully. No matter what happened, we’d have found our way out of that place long ago almost regardless of the cost. The alternative cost (that of staying there, particularly if/when it all comes down) would far outstrip the financial cost of moving out of Atlanta before now. Fortunately, we still enjoy the benefits of the South (upper case purposefully), and there are enough like-minded people within minutes that a “tribe” has already begun to develop. I suspect that it will gel more fully and rapidly now, given the SCOTUS decisions last Thursday, Friday, and yesterday.

Finally, the denial I mentioned wasn’t so much in the fact that we’ve all been played for chumps. I clearly knew that long ago, and I’ve resisted (at least three times at the peril of my former federal job). The denial was that process associated with cognitive dissonance that simply cannot bear to acknowledge the final reality. In the case of addicts, it’s the fact that their lives are fully out of control, and that they cannot recover on their own. In this case, it was not emotionally being willing to acknowledge that the nation that I have loved for well into my 7th decade is dead. Only the land is still here. The goings-on in D.C. are merely the false images of a functioning government. When someone very close and dear to me died several years ago, with his skull filled with blood from massive brain hemorrhage, and his breathing finally stopped, his heart incredibly continued beating for a full 20 minutes after his breathing had ceased. How it did so with zero replenishment of oxygen to the muscle, I still cannot comprehend. The head nurse came in, understandably not believing what I was telling her – that he’d died, but his heart was still beating without any breathing – and kept trying to discern at least a tiny bit of breath. She finally realized that what was seemingly impossible, was actually happening right in front of her. When she finally got the doctor in, the doctor similarly did not initially want to believe it was even possible. But the fact was, brain function had long ago ceased, and breathing had ceased at least 20 minutes earlier – just the heart muscle was continuing to beat. That does not equal life in any sense of the word. In what I see as a very close parallel, we may go several more years with Congress meeting in sessions, committees continuing to “debate,” votes being taken, cases going to the Supreme Court, etc. But they will be of no more value than that single heart muscle continuing to worthlessly pump unoxygenated blood through a lifeless body. The Constitution has been destroyed, and my brain finally acknowledged that we didn’t just have a serious problem but that the Constitution was no longer anything more than what George W. Bush reportedly claimed (supposedly discredited) is nothing more than “a (two expletives) piece of paper.”

That is how I meant that I was in denial – I didn’t want to acknowledge that the death of a Nation, the Constitutional Republic, had occurred. We are now in completely uncharted territory, and there is no predictability. That there may be some civilization left for a period of time may well be true, and that will only assist others to keep from finally realizing what we, here, have already acknowledged. There are still some good, decent people in the geographical designation we will continue referring to as the United States of America. But to me that’s only a map label, no longer the unique concept in all of human history, that was once based in what I believe was a divinely inspired document. In practice, I see us as now living in what I would – in all seriousness – term the USSA – the United Soviet States of America, using the definition of “soviet” to be an all-powerful, central government.

Again, thanks all for the warm welcome. I’ll probably tend to do a lot of watching, at least at first. But I also intend to contribute where I can, including a rain water recovery and processing method that we personally use, and that I believe is better and more complete than anything on YouTube. But I need a little time to get it into a more concise, easier-to-follow format. Ultimately, I want to even include part numbers from either Lowe’s or Home Depot, and detailed instructions. Fortunately, it’s not illegal in Georgia to collect the rainwater that freely falls on one’s own property, and do with it as we wish, before returning it to the ground and/or drainage system.

Oh – and in case someone here is unaware, tomorrow is a landmark day in Georgia. Tomorrow (1 July 2015) marks the day when it is legal for a permit holder to be fully protected while sitting in church in Georgia (assuming a church doesn’t individually ban weapons on its private property). Charleston will be far less likely to be duplicated in the State of Georgia beginning with tomorrow’s Wednesday night Bible studies.