Glad to have ya GS. Welcome.

I caught another post of yours over on another thread.

There’s folks here who will always have a difference of opinion – me included – and sometimes when you get several strong personalities together in the same place, there’s some scrapping going on – me included. But I don’t think we would try to run anyone off… yeah, we can be a bit dysfunctional sometimes, but we’re a family. Such as it is.

As far as you finally realizing this country – if it can still be called one – is on a clock and that our government is populated by a bunch of bureaucratic thugs and we’re ruled by an Oligarchy, well… welcome to the club. Everyone has to make that journey on their own – you can’t just be shown it. You have to come to the realization yourself. That’s the only way it carries a meaning profound enough to shake you out of your Normalcy Bias. Cognitive dissonance follows and then yes, the 5 stages of grief. You finally realized you got played for a chump, and it stings, doesn’t it?

Being stuck in an urban area – and given your name, I’m hoping it’s not Atlanta – is unfortunate. But, you gotta run what ya brung. If copies are still floating around out there, try obtaining “A Failure of Civility”. There’s a process described for someone in your situation – how to tribe up with likeminded folks in an urban environment. I hesitate to use the word “challenges” – that’s just a euphemism for “problems” – but they’re not impossible. Hook up with other likeminded folks, tribe up, have some sort of plan. And a Plan B. One thing I learned is that of you adopt a fortress mentality, you will fail. Every single fortress that has ever been besieged in history, fell… even mighty Constantinople eventually fell – it took a thousand years of trying, but it too eventually went down…

Tribe up and keep a fluid defense. Have a Plan B. And again, welcome.

NB If you can’t find a copy of “A Failure of Civility”, I have a copy and can supply you with the relevant information – I do not think the authors would begrudge it’s use, given the situation we’re in and the time constraints involved… If you can’t find a copy, shoot me a private message and I’ll provide you with my email address so I can shoot you a copy of the information… Peace.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1