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The Greeks will have a currency that will have little value, but they will have the ability to determine how to reform their economy.

True enough, but I wouldn’t bet on them using that ability to correct their economic problems any time soon, at least, not until they’ve had a determined go at making full-on official socialism “work” (Zimbabwe?) In the short run, socialism “works” for those who are well-positioned and adept at milking the system, until it finally brings even the well-entrenched scamsters to a point where they have nothing left to lose. That usually takes decades of misery, though probably less time when there’s no other source of OPM to spread around.

With most of the world (now including Russia and China) tied into the central bank BS “money” system, the whole mess cannot avoid the consequences of what inevitably happens when a handful of people have official sanction to issue nothing more than their name (paper, free electrons) as “money,” and collect interest on it. Either we all agree that, owing to their superior cunning (and our “mainstream” willful stupidity), they are entitled to own us, because it is mathematically impossible to retire a “debt” that can only be “refinanced” with more of the same bogus “borrowing” — or we tell them to stick their counterfeit $$ where it belongs, and go back to buying, selling, borrowing, and repaying in real values. Given how uncomfortable the need to think makes most people, I expect a few highly combative, poorly planned, ultimately unsuccessful, attempts at the latter, leading to a world-wide reversion to the Dark Ages, with the advantage going to those groups that already prefer to live that way.

“It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

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