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My libertarian leanings and live & let live approach to life says folks should be able to marry who they choose. Having spent my life in MA & now VT where gays have lived openly for many years, its just not a big deal to me, nor to most folks up here. Gay friends and co-workers have married and they live pretty much the same as everyone else. All that said, religious freedom is a foundational right that should not be allowed to be diminished. Those who disagree with gay marriage must be allowed to disagree and practice their religion in accordance with its tenets. This is not any different than Quakers being allowed to be pacifists and not fight wars or various accommodations allowed the Amish and Mennonites. This is not any different than those who wish to display the Confederate flag absolutely must have the right to honor their history and culture. Agreeing to disagree along with a little respect and accommodation on all sides would go a long way. There is no way that a country of 300+ million people are all going to be of one mind or culture. If the current gang in control insists that we all be of one mind, then I expect we will start going down the secession road.