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Come to think of it, if they read it, they would start thinking of it as a way to get rid of us.

What? They’re not already trying to get rid of us? Given the way our representatives “represent” us, I suspect they not only “read it” — they already attended the same kind of instruction as Zero, or Fidel. If they aren’t already trying to get rid of us, they’re at least trying to more thoroughly enslave us.

If the productive Citizens could divert their eyes from the nightly wide-screen devilvision, long enough to see that they are being ripped off by the people they elect, they might decide to have different representatives … if. As it now stands, American politics has become strictly a con-man’s game. If your representative isn’t betraying you already, the rest of them will soon enough squash his/her efforts anyway.

A nation invariably, though not always immediately, gets the kind of government its median morality deserves. That’s why I’m on this discussion board: to learn to prepare for a dicey future that a population which continues to blow off its Citizen duty has already secured.

Cry, "Treason!"