Look Whirl,

You and I are probably never gonna see eye to eye. On anything. Probably.

Thing is, when sh*t blows up, there will already be some folks showing up at their front door with a panga – your ideology doesn’t matter much at that point.

The type of people who show up at front doors with pangas are not the sort of people who troll the internet looking for someone’s name, face, address… those who do are usually several pay grades above the Panga People and will probably try to drone your house. With you in it.

Sh*t blows up, unless you are already at your bug out location, retreat, redoubt, whatever you want to call it, you’re gonna lit out at the first opportunity and to hell with the house and everything in it. The chances of you driving to the store and someone saying “Hey! That’s that one guy!!” and you being chased by an angry mob of Panga People are remote. People don’t even know who their elected representatives are, and their names and faces are on the news on a daily basis. You don’t even have to go looking for them. Chances the Panga People have your face, name, number, address in a SHTF? Remote.

However, the odds of an angry mob of Panga People coming down the street and grabbing your neighbor, putting an AK in his hands and having him shoot you to “prove his loyalty” are much higher. Even if he doesn’t want to. You shoot him, or we shoot you. After we shoot your family in front of you.

When things blow up, folks will tribe up. And, more often than not, it will be by race. That’s just the way things go. “Us” versus “Them”. I didn’t make the rules, and I don’t have to like em, but there they are. Guilt by association? For a white person, that’s the default setting. Whitey = Racist = Bad Guy. Doesn’t matter if you voted for Obama 6 times. Doesn’t matter if you’re an NAACP chapter president or have a Malcolm X t-shirt on and a Rastafarian bumper sticker…. you’re white, therefore you are the bad guy.

Not trying to turn this into a debate on race, but you broached the subject. If white folks are going to be treated like separatists anyways regardless of ideology, then what difference does it make? Look at what happened in the ‘Dome in New Orleans. Haiti. LA back in 1992. You can be the biggest leftist Progtard in the known Universe, but to them it does not matter… There might be one hold out here or there, but see above about “proving loyalty”.

Sorry for having such a grim view on things, but I am tired of people candy-a$$ing around because of what someone else might think or what kind of label someone else will hang on them. Folks need the training. Get it, and to hell with what a bunch of commie thugs thinks about it.

That’s all I got.


The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1