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Said another way, people would have to learn how to be responsible for themselves and accountable for their choices. Many have never had role models in that regard and would not know where to begin. It would be a very difficult transition.

It is only an option in small communities given the practical aspects of how many people can come together to make decisions but if any here find themselves in a position of re-inventing local govt., I strongly suggest you consider the Town Meeting format of govt. that small towns in New England have used since the 1600’s. It literally is the coming together of the registered voters of a community to discuss the Town’s business and make decisions on all spending issues, bylaws, zoning, Town employee staffing levels/compensation/benefits, whether the police get a new cruiser or the highway dept. a new truck, and so forth. The Town Selectboard are empowered to only do that which Town Meeting has authorized them to do. The people truly do control their local govt. Everyone gets their say at Town Meeting and all have an equal voice. The rich guy in Town can’t dominate and business/economic entities do not have a vote. Non-residents can only speak if Town Meeting authorizes them to speak. Meetings are orderly, though they can be long at times when there is controversy. Though not a requirement, under this form of govt., much of the Town’s work is done via committees and volunteers. That serves to promote active participation on the part of the people rather than deferring to anonymous bureaucrats. Town Meeting has stood the test of time since the 1600’s. If re-inventing local govt where you live, it is worth consideration.