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Whether States can secede is an interesting topic, though it didn’t work out so well for the Confederacy when they tried it. I’m not sure why the topic always centers on TX. If one State can do it, then all 50 would have the same right. Some say that TX reserved the right to secede and even to split into 5 States if it so chose, but I think that is more urban legend than actual legal fact. A lot of armchair lawyers on that one. Some make a big deal out of the fact that Texas was once independent but it isn’t the only State with that status. Hawaii was an independent country for a very long time, California was an independent country for a few weeks, Texas for 9 years, and Vermont an independent country for 14 years. Like with Texas and perhaps other States there is the occasional rumble in Vermont to secede, but they don’t pretend that they have the legal right to do so just because it was once an independent country (1777 – 1791).