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Is Pretendsident Zero an imbecile? No, though he’d probably rather that people take him for incompetent than deliberately undermining the nation. The imbeciles are those across the political spectrum (mostly “liberals”) who persist in taking him at his word, rather than at his actions, despite what they cannot possibly fail to see.

Evil’s favorite disguise has been incompetence since people first appeared on earth. “Whoops, sorry! Didn’t mean to kill you, sport. Just clumsy, I guess … Well, you won’t be needing your stuff any longer. Heh, heh.”

It becomes a little more complicated in larger groups, since it requires redistribution of the spoils, and guarding against the victims getting smarter (and armed.) But in any encounter with prospective victims, more involved than simple hit and run, the bad guys have to snooker their way into the kill zone. Hence, Zero, as the perfect stalking horse for the banksters. No matter how bad his results, if you complain, criticize, or counter … you’re a racist. And the ones who’ll be in the vanguard of that charge are those he’ll hurt the worst. Perfect!

The confidence that Americans had (have?) in their supposed invulnerability (exceptionalism?) was only justified when the Citizens were actually holding their governments to account, i.e. (perhaps) the generation that accomplished the founding, increasingly fading with each succeeding generation, increasingly pursuing their happiness to the neglect of guarding their liberty from smooth-talking enemies domestic. Here we are, patriot remnants of the tenth generation, lamenting the fall of what at least eight previous generations, and our own, allowed to evaporate in exchange for “freebies” out of our own pockets. We can only hope survive long enough to regenerate it after the coming collapse.

Cry, "Treason!"