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Sled, I don’t dispute any of your comments, however I do believe gathering as many opinions and information as possible on any subject is helpful. In this thread are comments about the ease and speed of follow up shots which was my concern about that style of gun. Some people on the thread share my view that you may have difficulty getting more than one shot off with the revolver, conversly with a semi auto repeating shots are not so problematic. In terms of the ballistics I don’t have a issue with the ballistics of 22mag. I’m of the opinion that the gun could be a single shot if the first shot is not incapacitating. Personally I wouldn’t carry a full size single action revolver for the same reason. Like I originally said, I don’t think I have the ability to use the gun effectively.

Sorry if I came off a bit testy…… The discounting of something because it is a bit different REALLY gets me going. I guess it is one of the many things that gets me annoyed.

I use the NAA as my 100% carry pistol and then have an M&P Shield that I carry about 75% of the time WITH the NAA. Sometimes I swap out the M&P for my 1911 that I just stick in my belt (about 25% of the time). The whole “it isn’t as good as ________” just annoys me when “_______” is a based on a completely different set of needs. It would be like saying that Ford was the best truck out there when we were originally discussing mountain bikes. At least that is how my bizarrely wired brain sees it.

Again, sorry for being confrontational or abrupt. I just really don’t know of any other firearm out there that is comparable in function than the NAA due to size:firepower ratio except a derringer. At least with the NAA I have 5 shots…..