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After Whirly’s post I was curious about the ballistics of each caliber and how they stacked up against each other. I found this thread on another site that includes comments comparing the two mentioned guns.


No offense, but 2 things:
1) That site is a horrible resource. It’s like quoting anything that Massad Ayoob says or advocates – pure opinion baseless in fact. I used to be on that site thinking that it was a great reference. They completely ignore industry research and go off of bigger is better theory for every debate. Facts have no meaning or place on that site.
2) The thread you referenced is from 2002. Ammo manufacturers have done a lot of research and found out many things in the last 13 years. One thing they have realized that that there are big differences between wound channel and hydrostatic shock damage. Many ammo companies are now recommending smaller weight bullets at higher velocities with bullets designed to transfer their energy quicker so as to maximize that hydrostatic shock. Like I mentioned, companies such as Barnes more often than not will recommend lighter weight bullets at close range for exactly that reason. Also, there is a big difference between LEO, tactical, and true self defense mindsets. I am coming at this from a true self defense mindset which is: The best firearm that will be carried at ALL times that has the best concealment with the most damage possible……

It really doesn’t matter what you carry as long as you carry something. I was originally wondering if there was any love at all for these “Noisy Cricket” pistols. Personally, I love the cartridge and may or may not (disclaimer) know people that may or may not (another one) taken MANY deer (or not deer) with the .22 mag over the years. It is truly a devastating round and bloodshots a HUGE channel in any deer (or not deer) that I may or may not have seen shot with one.