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freedom, they have gotten what they want. Exceedingly few amongst the millions of illegals are going to be deported. All the court has done is temporarily stop it from being made official. They will chip away at it until they are made legal. Despite last year’s surge of “minors”, nothing is being done to secure the border. The main event of the trade bill did get passed in the House, the TPP itself. They will soon throw more money at the part that didn’t pass (support for displaced workers) and the Dems will cave. It could well pass before the month is out. Part of that new treaty is going to include an opening of the flood gates for foreign workers, and you can bet none of them are ever going home again either. Gun control is the only thing they haven’t won entirely. Gun restrictions continue to tighten for a good chunk of the population. Just 6 States that I know have tightened restrictions (CA, NY, NJ, MA. MD, & CT) account for more than a quarter of the population, 80 some odd million people. Offsetting that somewhat are States that have relaxed gun restrictions. At the federal level they have been able to make gun ownership more costly by sucking up the ammo supply and restricting certain imports. Now the feds are starting the next big thing which is the forced integration of neighborhoods. Of course communities could just say no to the federal money and stop that nonsense, but they rarely ever say no. I didn’t mention Obama care earlier but it is another great example. Even if the Supreme Court strikes down the subsidies in States that didn’t set up their own exchange, there is no easily going back to the pre-Obamacare system on account it has been thoroughly destroyed at this point. What will happen is the Republicans will quickly go along with fixing that clause in exchange for putting some lipstick on that pig trying to pretty it up a bit. Obamacare isn’t going away. The President and his acolytes are not in retreat but are rather gaining steam for his final 18 month assault towards fulfilling his campaign promise to fundamentally change America.