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MB, Socialist = Communist just a prettier word. The government has been buying billions in ammo, tons of food and none of it is for you and me. They will only circle the cities because of what you have pointed out that there gun control has not worked and there Homeland Security is not built to be able to control 100 million gun owners so they need to reduce/depopulate the cities without them getting taken over so there is only one way to do this and that is to let the people fight them self for food. After one to two months they can come in and take over with not much of a fight.

They already have the food they need for there military in storage. Will they take control of the rural areas YES!!! They have been taking land right now were ever they can. When the collapse happens farmland will be much more valuable then cities with building that will not be needed.

A military takeover is in the plans. On your “They are getting virtually everything they want now.” No they are not. They didn’t get gun control, Obama’s Immigration has been stopped by the courts, The congress has stopped his trade agreement, he is losing many fronts so no they are not been able to do whatever they want anymore so they are mad as hell. What will they do in a collapse, Remember there saying never let a crisis go to waste! They will take this crisis to the limits.