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freedom, cities are where the people are. That’s why they need to train for urban operations. Just letting the cities burn and descend into anarchy post-SHTF is only going to cause an even larger refugee problem. No, we do not know what the future holds, and so yes, we need to be ready. All I’m saying is that the military being ready to maintain some semblance of order is not a bad thing. Would some of our rights be compromised or curtailed? Sure, but we’d have no rights at all come complete anarchy.

Matt, I expect that they would nationalize food production and a whole lot of other things during a major SHTF scenario, and again it will take the military to be able to do it. For example, convoys of trucks bringing food to the cities might need military escorts during periods of social breakdown.

The cities do need to be contained because farmers can’t farm if it isn’t safe to do so. There are single buildings in NYC that have more people living in them than the 32 square mile entirety of my town. I can guarantee we have many times the number of guns, but again farmers can’t farm and fight off refugees at the same time.