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Remember history has shown us, Russia, China, Cuba all took all rural farm land. The farmers that didn’t work with the government were taken away to were no one ever found them again. Farms are all managed by the military and they really do not care if it only produces 10% of what it use to. In Cuba there is NO FAT PEOPLE, the government has a great diet called LIMITED FOOD. My mother’s father and mother( my grandfather) was not aloud to grow anything period, they would come around every week and anything growing would be taken out.

Food = Control of the people. Limit there food and make all of them depend on the government for food. That will be the plan. So they will take all the rural areas so they can control the food. Once they do this they will not need one bullet to control you or me. If you do not like them controlling you well they will just stop giving you and your family food.

The farms in Cuba were taken over to the point were they would have the farmers plant the food and have military there 24/7 so when the food is ready they would take all of it and only let the farmer have only what his family eats. Remember food is control.

The cities have what? just a lot of people which they do not need. The less the better. The value of all the cities will not be much for them.