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I have a bit of a different take on this. There is a very real risk of economic collapse worldwide. It would never be just the US. Everything is too interconnected. There is also a very real risk of WWIII. Too many hotspots around the world in which one or more of the big 3 (US, Russia, China) have an interest. Bring any two of us into actual military conflict and you will have WWIII. China is not even hiding the fact that they are preparing for war. Lastly there is a very real risk that we will see large scale or widespread jihadi terrorism in the US. 9/11 was huge on shock value but otherwise it was fairly small scale one-off event. I’m talking something larger and more ongoing. These three scenarios are not mutually exclusive. Any one of them can trigger one or both of the others. Under any of these scenarios the military could well be the only hope of the country not descending into anarchy. The current political and economic elite do not need a military takeover. There is absolutely nothing stopping them now from doing whatever they want, whenever they want. We flatter ourselves if we think we’re somehow an impediment to their plans. For example, think of the sheer arrogance behind the process that will soon give the go ahead on those new trade deals without the public ever even being told what the deals include, let alone asking whether it is something we approve of. If we can see these risks, of course the military can see them too, and so they are training, building plans, and getting all of the requisite legalities in place. If any of these scenarios are imminent, we have to assume that they have better info than we do.