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Robin my mom lives in north Florida and has seen very little indications of JH where she lives. Here in TX is another story. I can’t say everything I have seen is tied to JH but there have been a lot convoys with military vehicles in east Texas. All of them seem to be heading towards maybe Texarkana. There is a reserve depot in Big Sandy which is south and west of Texarkana. They could be going there as well. I have several friends who travel around the state and we keep each other informed when we see things. There has been a lot of activity out of San Antonio as well.

Free it is interesting to see the timeline listed in the article. It indeed appears they have been preparing for this for a long time. One of the comments down at the bottom caught my attention. It was the one about moving back and just watching things burn. Maybe Ferguson and Baltimore were tests. They tried using NG troops to settle things and it caused more trouble. They stood back and let Baltimore burn and it seems to have fizzled out quicker. Now JH is about to start and they have new test data to add to the training. I would suspect they see the collapse coming and are training for the logistics to execute their “peace keeping mission.” When the collapse comes they will surround major cities, let chaos take its course thus weakening any resistance, and then come in and save the day once everyone is desperate for supplies. The people will submit to stay fed and sheltered. Give the rural folks a year or so to run out of there preps and then move out from the cities to take complete control. No need to go head to head. Just wait them out until they give up.