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I think it boils down to the individual. I see a dog as an asset. Food wise they are no more of a liability than another member in your group. People food is not ideal for them but in SHTF none of us are going to be watching our diets so why should the dog. You can store dog food for them but if worse comes to worse they can survive on people food. As mentioned above training is the key. A dog generally sees hears and smells 100 times better than humans do. Game you never see, they smell. Game that has been wounded and fallen out of site, they find. You spend less time hunting for game because the dog shows you where it is at. Less effort less calories burned. The more game you recover, the more food you gather and less bullets used. Seems like a plus to me. The other thing is the companionship they offer. If you have kids a dog can be one of the comfort things from home you get to take with you. Again their senses also help with security. They know a bad guy is outside long before you do. If your dog is protective they can also be another warrior in your group. Nothing makes the brain scream run like a snarling charging dog. He may take a bullet but his attack may be the one second of distraction you needed to neutralize a threat to your family. On the noise factor, yes they could tip someone off that you are in a building but in doing so they just tipped you off to someone being outside. Of course a lot of what I have listed depends on your dogs personality. A cowardly family ankle bitter would not be nearly as useful as a well trained companion but it still provides an alarm and comfort. All I can say is if your adding a dog to your preps choose type based on the usefulness in your situation and spend lots of time with them training both the dog and the owner. A German Shepherd might me more useful in an urban environment where a Lab or other hunting breed may be more useful in rural environments. Something to think about for sure. Enjoy your new family member Sled.