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I don’t agree that the administration local or otherwise cares whether people in city get fed and to keep the rural areas looking nice. Not unless it’s for administration purposes but not for the general population.

Their is an agenda that doesn’t exempt any of us anymore than it would have in hilter’s agenda.

I’ve heard of a lot of places being ‘a good place to get lost’ when shtf but that was several years ago and without preparation and even with it, it’s going to be a challenge.

Our state already has most every police dept equipped with armored tanks, guns, extra ammo, thermal imaging equipment and then some. They aren’t equipped so they can go after isis since our state as with many others and the administration welcome them.
The only ones with ‘real’ food possibly will be missy obama and the food her gardeners grow for her to show.

I appreciate the ideas for filtering water. I have a couple systems in place that filters water but if I had to move in a hurry they’d do me no good.