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freedom, even with 75- 80% of the population being classified as urban, that still leaves about 63-78 million people spread across the vast rural areas. The feds cannot even begin to go door to door nor would they have the cooperation of local authorities in rural areas. Depending upon what their objectives are they might want to keep the urban areas bottled up so as to not spoil the countryside that they need if the cities are to be fed.

As an aside, I saw a statistic from the census bureau that said VT is the most rural State in the country as measured by % of population. It is likely that in combination with the extreme lack of diversity that results in such a low crime rate. Obviously the big Western States have vast expanses of emptiness that you could drop tiny VT into many times over, but the reality is that their people are substantially congregated in urban areas. That’s not what I thought was the case.