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74 water sprinkler water is stagnant you probably dont want to drink the rusty water unless treated heavily first.most big buildings have steam boilers… there is always fresh and treated water lines… only take from fresh or intake lines NEVER from treated. you will need a big pipe wrench and at least a few hundred gallons of containers as you will get ALL at once and cant stop it till drained.

get wire and fencing tools you can use local shopping carts wired together as barricades and noise maker. still bet is to move…

the smoke from catalytic still puts out thermal signature so best pipe it away from you or use it as a distractions the smell still exists too.

you will need to watch for carbon monoxide poisoning when using any “burning” type fuels indoor it is a very real risk.

smell from cooking in city will bring many hungry people

sanitation nightmare will definitely get outbreak of some disease

i would also get sandbag and find place to fill with gravel.

you will need a sledge hammer for new entrances exits.

rope for repelling grapnel for climbing.

at best it is a death trap in city, some will always survive…. at what cost both mentally and physically?