Mr. Red
Mr. Red

I know I posted in the other thread that I’m already at my BOL, and that I don’t really see myself as to ever having to bug out, unless there are some pretty severe things happening, so I figured I’d throw my hat into that ring.

Fire. Fire is a major concern all the time, but more so in a grid down time. That’d be my #1 reason for having to leave this house, but it wouldn’t really send me off into the woods, since I’ve got many good friends and family close by.

Tsunami. I live on the coast. Many years ago there was indeed a tsunami here in Newfoundland. If there was another earthquake of worrisome size in the Grand Banks, it may drive me inland if there was a tsunami produced. Also, La Palma could create a mega-tsunami, in which case, I’m getting as far inland as fast as possible, and to a higher elevation.

Being over run by hostile forces. It could be organized crime gangs, a large group of refugees/people who want to take by force, or even a foreign military. But that’d have me going to ground, doing E&E, and most likely mounting counter attacks or asymmetrical style attacks.

I have thought about all of those, along with a few others, and have made a few plans for either, but nothing set in stone just yet.

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