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Oh, hey Tovik, I have a 37mm too. They are pretty sweet, but the BATFE ruled all “anti-personnel” ammo as a destructive device … at least when paired with a launcher, so you might as well just buy a 40mm if you want to fire the less-lethal impact rounds. The smokes are alright, but most of the ones I’ve worked with don’t put out a really impressive volume of smoke for the purposes of concealing movement. Honestly, you’d be better off throwing smokes … it would save you a whole lot of trouble, but it isn’t nearly as cool-looking, lol.

There is something about looking into the business end of grenade launcher … I seriously doubt most folks could tell many models of 37mm’s from 40mm’s, but it’s mostly psychological with the 37mm. 40mm is a different story, but if you shoot enough of those things, you will eventually get a short-charged round or have one go off in the pipe … and that’s considerably worse than a muzzle breach or slide failure on most weapons, although they can be pretty catastrophic once in a while.