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As a side note, even the little bursting OC’s used for cell extraction pack a little punch. I tossed one at a cardboard IPSC target in a stand and the blast blew off the bottom 1/3 of the target and set it on fire. Some of the big sting balls with the .45 cal rubber pellets used for prison riots are a full stun munition (producing >10PSI of of overpressure at 10′) and will really ruin someone’s day if properly placed … not to mention the fact that they will likely think they just got fragged because of the blast + impact + OC … kind of a triple bad day … but as with all grenades, placement is key and there is an element of luck involved. They are definitely not like the movies portray them and even with perfect placement, there is no guarantee they will take shrapnel … unless they roll out of bed when they hear noise and land on top of it … then it doesn’t much matter if it was lethal or less lethal … just like diving on one, if you use your body to tamp the explosion and slow the fragmentation, you are going to get tore up … even in armor. So even if you use less-lethal, there’s no guarantee someone won’t decide to commit suicide on your weapon. That’s why there’s no such thing as “non-lethal” in the industry … just less-lethal.