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Thanks Tolik.

Sled, the military munitions I’ve used use phosphorus to generate smoke … thus the health issues … and why WP munitions are not Genevea-friendly as anti-personnel weapons, though I’ve never heard of anyone branded a war criminal for using one … but then, I haven’t researched that. ; )

Enough MRE heaters together can generate hydrogen gas (which is caustic … ammonia is quiet toxic Tolik) in sufficient quantities to clean out a confined space like a vehicle or commercial aircraft cargo compartment if an ignition source is present … so shipping them by air, by themselves is a bit of a no-no.

I’d check local ordinances, but pressurized OC grenade like Fox sells used to be legal in many places and likely still are. They are pretty effective and I carry Sudecon wipes in my Med kits because I carry OC in various forms as a less-lethal deterrent and also 5/8 dram of the powder in my PSK to counter-track against dogs. I have a big tin of military-grade OC left over from R&D and some bursting OC munitions that throw rubber pellets for prison riot control, but those are now destructive devices thanks to BATFE’s ever-waffling position that changes with the political breeze of the month … so most folks will have a hell of a time with paperwork and taxes, making them pretty hard to come by, but in a any kind of severe disruption, that stuff will come out of the woodwork, so I’d carry some type of compact mask, eye protection that seals well and wipes. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown mask & suit for EDC. But I guarantee a percentage of everyone on a SWAT team has ordnance that was cataloged destroyed in training or QC, but made it home in a pouch or range bag. Hell, I know of some who buried C-4 fight in their freaking back yard and them blabbed about it … not overly bright if you ask me, but who am I to judge?

Yeah, magnesium is fun stuff and a key component in some flash powders and Thermite. You can buy it online in pretty much any form … blocks, rods, ribbon, powder … depending on what you plan to do with it. A little Chemistry goes a long way. But you can even buy Thermite in kits with iron oxide powder (rust powder) that you just mix and it’s ready to go. The rust provides the oxygen for the highly exothermic reaction that emits exceedingly bight white light. Great for sabotaging vehicles. Just stuff a road flare in a container of it and set it on the engine block and let it do it’s thing. No fixing that.

Yeah, you can buy a surplus Duece pretty cheap. I saw a lot of the M700 series trucks at PrepperCon. Took a bunch of photos too, if anyone’s interested. Maybe I could post some to another thread.

Here’s a link to the Fox Labs aerosol “grenade” as they like to call it … for marketing purposes.