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Now I am only a lowly hunter’s education instructor that seems to get stuck teaching newbies all the time, but not getting paid. Not sure how many people I have taught, but it has to be in the 100’s somewhere. All I know from my time is as such: Many that learn on a semi seem to make up for accuracy with dependence upon firepower. Again, that is my assessment from my own experience. Nothing scientific about it…. Those that I teach and give 1 cartridge to at a time, make them master the mechanics of reloading and control operation, and get plenty of practice concentrating and mastering each shot seem to be better shots afterwards. Too many times I see unsafe people that went to a “gun class” that are not in full control of their firearm. It REALLY ticks me off, honestly.

I learned to shoot with a single shot H&R rifle. When I moved to handguns, I was taught with a SA revolver where I was forced to load 1 cartridge at a time. My brother was taught the same way. When I started teaching my kids, they were taught with semi initially because that is what I had the most of. To this day I still have a heck of a time getting my son to quit depending upon a follow up shot. My wife actually commented that she learned more with the single shot and SA type systems than she did with any semi type firearms. She also has no problem with safety with those older style actions whereas it is almost like she lost her brain with an semi in her hands.

Now like in most things, your mileage may vary and each person is different. I really do think that spending more time on each shot, loading each round, and forcing a safe firearm after each shot builds more muscle memory than firing a round and HOPING that they remember to put the firearm in safe between each round fired. Newbies I deal with just seem to never get the safety thing down with a semi.

Freedom: Use what you got and what you like…… You going to buy a new car for someone to learn to drive or are you just going to teach them with what you already have? Make sure they can “drive” all your firearms and be proficient with each. I think I already mentioned that before, though.