I agree with everything you’ve said.

The difference is a sidearm carried during war, and a sidearm carried during peacetime to defend oneself.

War? Semi auto, hands down. Specifically the 1911A1. The M9 sucks. Not all semis are created equal. I was in during the transition, and the glaring deficiencies became apparent. I even met one of the officers – a Captain – who was on the board who approved the design. The 1911A1 is superior. The only reason we adopted the Beretta is because the Italians gave us permission to put medium range missiles in their country. Gave them a sweet deal on that factory they built in the US so we could “adopt” their crappy pistol.

But all that aside, a semi is necessary for war. Going solely by the volume of fire they possess (edit: should be “are capable of”) makes that an easy choice.

Peacetime? Going by the FBI’s own statistics, only 2 or 3 shots are fired during a shooting scrape. (Of course, given the recent shooting incidents where both sides fire dozens, if not hundreds, of rounds with less than 1% of the rounds fired actually hitting their intended mark, perhaps carrying a semi-auto with multiple dozens of rounds of spare ammo is a good idea, being as training seems to be…. less than adequate. So my data might be out of date)…

I don’t particularly care which school anyone follows – if you are capable of carrying it, comfortable with it, can hit with it reliably and have enough ammo to feed it, that’s good enough for me. But the rule still stands – the little guns give you a chance to get to the bigger guns.

And from my gunsmithing standpoint, yeah if you’re only a parts changer, then fixing semi autos is pretty simple. Pull out broken part, drop in new, assemble, function/safety check, out the door. Given enough voltage, a monkey could do it.

Then there’s the stupid mag cutoff – drop your mag to reload, you inop the pistol. Who thought that bright idea up? Disable it, you open yourself up to a vicarious liability can of worms – even if the customer wants you to and signs a waiver… Drop the mag important side down, you bend the feed lips and inop the mag.

We could sit and bash everything we each don’t like individually till Rapture – point is, I’m not going to sit and tell someone what they want or what would be best, because that’s freaking impossible since I’m not them. No one gun can do it all and each design has their strong points – choose appropriately depending on mission.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1