There’s a number of reasons that semi autos dominate the LE world, cost is certainly one reason.

However the ease of training, related savings on ammo and time, to include the female shooters has shown the difference.

I used to be a disciple of Elmer Keith, wheelguns are superior and all that jazz.
I’ve hunted with them, varried them on duty, flat wore out two Model 29s.
I still teach a wheelgun class when there’s interest.
But thanks to an understanding grandfather, who showed me the superiority of a good semi auto for combat, using his in two wars with good effect, I finaly came around myself.
Especially after breaking a couple of wheelguns.

Being an instructor has certain advantages, not only do you get to try different toys out, but you get to watch others try different things. And with one hand raised and the other on something else, I can say that not one female student has shot the wheelgun better.

One nice lady brought a G19 and her late husbands .357 Model 19.
The Glock courtesy of a local gun shop loaning it to her to try.
She ran the course with the 19. Not bad, she actually would have qualified on the Colorado post test. Then she ran it again with the G19, no comparison.
She carries the G19, the .357 lives at home in case of emergencies.
Still in her late husbands old duty belt.

And as a gunsmith, I’ve seen them both break. I’ve broken them both myself.
The autos have been easier to fix.

Revolvers have their place, pocket carry is one place they excell.
Snakeshot? Great. Hunting, great.
Combat? Still works but I’ll pass given a choice.

There’s a reason my AR has a 30 round magazine.
So I have to manipulate the weapon less. Less fumbling around loading and unloading the gun. And lets face it, its a heck of a lot easier to shove a loaded mag in the gun without fumbling than a speedloader or speed strip. Even with practice.

What I can do after 30 years of shooting isn’t what a beginner can do, stick with what’s simple, the autoloader.