Not even debatable?

Yeah, well like one of my old instructors used to say – this is only a way.. it’s not the way…

You have your way. I have mine. I’ll stack anyone I’ve taught up against anyone you’ve taught. So long as the results are the same, one can’t sit and say “mine’s better than yours”….

Personally, I think giving a neophyte shooter a weapon with dozens of cartridges in it promotes half-ass-ism… “So what if I miss? I’ve got over a dozen more bullets to hit with.” Shooting is 90% mental anyway – relatively few cartridges means the shooter will assign more value to each individual one and try harder, as opposed to the “who cares” attitude of someone with gobs of ammo…

It’s like giving someone two or three cartridges and a single shot rifle during hunting season… they won’t miss. They can’t afford to.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1